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Child Education & Learning
Teaching & Encouraging Children to Read
  Learn what steps you can take at home to help teach your child to read for enjoyment and learning.
Benefits of Homeschooling
  Homeschooling is a beneficial to children since it provides a safe, encouraging and nurturing environment where learning can take place naturally during everyday activity.
Helping Children Learn
  Did you study with the stero blasting and still get A's, while your sibling needed absolute silence?
APP Offers 15 Tips to Help Young Kids Start, Return to School
  There are lots of kids who are a little wobbly about that first day, the ones most fearful are those getting ready to go to school for the first time.
Brushing Up for Fall
  Here's a few ideas to help them brush up their academic skills, and get in gear for fall.
Some Parents Lack Fundamental Knowledge Of American History
  If you were to ask a kid why we're celebrating a holiday Saturday, there's a 50-50 chance he or she wouldn't know, according to a new survey commissioned by the Colonial Williamsburg restoration in Virginia.
Parent Training: Things You Should Have Learned In School
  Here you are a first time parent and the best advice your own mother has given you is to say, " don't worry, everything you need to know will come naturally."
Teaching Our Children To Give
  All Parents would like their children to share. As parents, we can help instill in our children a sense of what psychologist Alfred Adler called "social interest" -a concern for others that is larger and more desirable than the feeling of "what's in it for me?" Shirely King explores the importance of teaching your chld to give.
Have a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference
  It is that time again, and little slips of paper are being sent home with your children, requesting a time when you and the teacher can get together to discuss your child's progress.
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