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Child Safety Tips

Have A Safe Fourth of July >>

"Did you know that over 13,000 fireworks victums keep hospitals busy every year...?" This 4th of July...while keeping one eye on the sky enjoying the excitment and beauty of exploding fireworks... keep the other eye on your children. Make sure that children who are using even those "safe and sane" fireworks are receiving adequet adult supervision. Sparklers burn and can cause serious eye injurys. Have fun...and be safe and responsible.

A Few Halloween Tips For Parents >>

Discuss with the kids in advance the Halloween plans.

  • If kids are going "Trick or Treating" make sure they are accompanied by adult or older teen.
  • All candy should be inspected by a parent before eaten
  • Make sure costumes are constructed with safety in mind...Clothing should not be binding or too lose to prevent tripping and falling.
  • Masks should be constructed to provide adequate viewing...especially at night.
  • Each child should have own flashlight

Consider the "Trick or Treat" alternative...

  • Look for the community festival or neighborhood party... or
  • Plan a Halloween Celebration of your own...and let the inner child join in with the other kids...
If Your Child is Poisoned >>

First, check your child's mouth and remove any remaining poison if at all possible. Do not treat or induce vomiting until you have consulted a professional since vomiting can sometimes cause long-term damage. Be sure to bring the poison container with you to the phone and call the poison control center, physician, or emergency medical service.

If poison has come in contact with your child's SKIN: Rinse the skin with running water for 15 minutes, remove contaminated clothing and call the poison control center or a health care professional.

If the substance has gotten in your child's EYES: Do not let the child rub the eyes, or put the child's head under a faucet . It is better to gently hold eyelids open while pouring cool water into them for 15 minutes, then call the poison control center.

Calls to poison control centers are free. The centers are open 24 hours a day. Have information about the child and the poison ready when you speak to a specialist.

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