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Child Learning Tips

Early Reading Promotes Better Thinking

Children who learn to love reading at an early age will develop better writing and thinking skills. Help give your children an edge in their education... Sit down and read...and expect your child to set time aside daily for leisure reading... Be careful not to make reading a chore... Rather, model reading as an enjoyment... Soon your kids will follow your lead...

Is Your Child Becoming A Superchild...?
  There seems to be a trend to enroll your child in as many activities as there are days in the week. Many kids are now participating in after school music lessons, advanced tutoring, sports and more. Remember children need time to climb trees, explore their environment, play in the neighborhood and develop social skill in order to get along with others. Don't think of "free time" as a waste of time... If need be... schedule in time for the kids to hang-out sometimes, to ride their bikes, see their friends or even read and listen to music. The superchild is not always the happiest child...
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