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 Mom And Baby Sharing The Blues?
  It is common immediately following child birth for women to experience the "baby blues", a condition known as postpartum depression. Nearly 20 percent of all new mothers suffer from this condition. Emory University recently did a study, however, and learned that the babies as well as the moms were suffering from the same chemical imbalance.
Prenatal Environment Plays Important Role
  A child's intelligence may have less to do with the genes inherited from his or her parents - and more to do with its prenatal environment - than previously believed.
Working Longer Hours Increases Miscarriage Risk
  Lots of women professionals, when they become pregnant, try to work extra hours in an effort to make sure everything's in order when they go on maternity leave - and that could be a serious mistake, according to a new study.
Baby Safety Checklist
  It is a parents job to watch out for the safety of their child. Here is a checklist to help you keep your baby safe.
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