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Kids Mental Health
Helping Kids Cope with Divorce
  Discover how to keep communication open and positive between kids and parents during a divorce and how to cope with the changes in family life.
Effects of TV Violence on Children
  Read how your child's TV watching could affect mental health and behavior patterns in kids. See how to monitor what your child watches.
Study Says Sexual Abuse of Boys may be More Common than Believed
  According to a new study by some Philadelphia-based researchers, the sexual abuse of boys may be far more common than believed.
Divorce Means Change for Kids Too!
  You are loved, you are safe with us, your needs will be met, and you will be protected". When children are born into a family these basic messages are expressed. Divorce means everything you once took for granted as a child is going to change. Thus, change is the biggest threat to children during the initial stages of their parents divorce.
Spanked Children Lose Trust
  "If I don't punish her for being bad, how will she ever learn to be good?" Parents need to let go of the idea of controlling their children. They can control the situation and use consequences instead of punishment.
Kids Who Have Everything But Attention
  Are those children who are overly indulged with toys and video games missing out on an essential quality.
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