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Kids Health Issues
 Coping with the Pain of Shots
  Things a parent or child care provider can do to help a child through the pain and stress of shots.
Insects Repellents Always a Parent's Concern
  DEET is the chemical found in most commercial insect repellents and is considered most effective in keeping ticks off your child.
Ophthalmologists Issues Safety Warning on Toy Purchases
  The American Academy of Ophthalmologists wants parents to keep a wary eye out for toys that might not be as safe as they should be as they shop this holiday season.
Kids with Skin Rashes Tend to Wake More During the Night
  If your kid is susceptible to allergic skin rashes, you're used to hearing him or her scratching themselves during the night while they're trying to sleep.
Nasal Spray FLU Vaccine for Kids Proves Highly Effective in Test, U.S. Agency Says
  A new type of vaccine administered to young children in the form of a nasal spray was 93% effective in a large scale test, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases reports.
Hospital wards Clowning Around When it Comes to Sick Kids
  The children's wards of major hospitals are home to some very important specialists: pediatricians, nurses, neonatologists and others.
Flu and Fever Facts
  With the flu season upon us, many of our households are overrun by that nasty flu bug that seems to be going around.
Children Adolescents and HIV/AIDS

Today adolescents of both sexes face a serious risk of HIV infection, which causes AIDS, which leads to death. HIV infection is increasing in adolescents who are heterosexual. When adolescents take certain risks, they are more likely to become infected.

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