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Family Values
Blended Families and Step Parenting Challenges
  Discover tips on helping kids adjust to a new blended family or step parent including trust, discipline and authority.
 Advice About Your Family's Security and Safety
  How to be an effective parent with a focus on family and personal safety.
Japanese Kids More Likely than U.S. Peers to Spend Night in Parents' Bed
  For the most part, American parents tend to think it's bad for their kids to share a bed with them at night.
Study finds Kids of Moms who work have no more Problems then Kids of Stay-Home Moms
  Mothers who feel guilty about having to go back to work and leaving a baby in day care shouldn't, at least according to a new study.
Kids Suffer from Inflation
  Kids suffer from inflation. The cost of learning how to live on our world goes up daily. The price a child pays today to learn about friendships, school, learning, decision making and responsibility is the cheapest it will ever be. Learning an important lesson today may be a bargain.
For Our Kids, Time Is Love
  Sometimes parents feel frustrated and think, "We've given him so much love and we do so much for him, why is he having problems?
A Parenting Style For The 90'S
  Parents want to get away from the autocratic, authoritarian style of parenting that their parents used in raising them. Parents are vowing and trying to not spank; to not use threats; to not humiliate; and to not punish their children.
Offer Unconditional Love
  Parents can dislike the child's behavior, but still feel and convey their love. Unconditional love is absolutely necessary for every growing and developing child.
Home "Alone" With The Kids
  "Moms tell me that, when it comes to dealing with disciplining their children, their husbands are too tired or not as concerned as they are in making rules or setting limits on behavior."
Youth Bill of Rights
  Did you know that there is actually a Bill of Rights for kids? Every family can benefit from reading this declaration from the National Child Rights Alliance.
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