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Playground Survival Tips

Children are back in school and have been brushing up on their math and writing skills. The academic part of the classroom is now old hat for your child.
However when it comes to the playground, there always seems to be that one kid who's teasing can make for an unpleasant recess. Sometimes the words of a bully can be the reason why your little one fakes a stomach ache or refuses to talk about school. Long ago a father might have taught his son how to box as a means of defense against another child's taunting. In these times, violence in the schools has surpassed anything we could have imagined, and obviously, we need to arm our kids with something more powerful: knowledge.
Here are a few words of wisdom you can share with your child about ways to resolve conflict with other kids. At first, they might need your help in learning how to apply these standard methods of communication. But in time, these tools will help them be effective communicators which easily is the most valuable skill they can ever acquire.
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