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Child Safety Advice
Thousands of Bike Helmets Recalled
  Heavy into the summer biking season, two companies are voluntarily recalling about nearly 80,000 bicycle helmets.
Toy Phones a Choking Hazard
  An Illinois company is recalling over thirty thousand toy phones because it has a ball-shaped antenna which can detach, posing a choking risk to young children.
Many Playgrounds Still Unsafe for Kids
  The U.S. Public Interest Research Group and the Consumer Federation of America recently expressed serious concerns over the safety of U.S. playgrounds in their report Playing It Safe.
Children's Robes Sold as Sleepware Recalled
  If you recently purchased a robe for your child, be sure to inspect the tag before you let him sleep in it.
Child Adcocacy Group Brings Kid Car, Window Hazards to Public Attention
  Warm weather brings new safety risks to children - in particular, the risks of getting locked in a hot car and falling out of an open window.
Summer's Arrival Brings Concerns About Water Safety and Kids
  With the Memorial Day weekend, many of the nation's pools and beaches are now open - or will be open before too long.
Swimming Pool Season Means Time to Take Safety Precautions, CPSC says
  Despite all the rain in the Northeast and Midwest this past weekend, many families are thinking swimming pool.
Study Shows Oonly About a Third of Backseat Passengers wear Seat Belts
  About two-thirds of the nation's back seat passengers don't wear seatbelts - at the same time that two-thirds of the nation's front seat passengers make certain they buckle up all the time, according to a survey by the Air Bag Safety Campaign.
CPSC Re-Advises Parents About Putting Kids to Bed in Loose-Fitting Clothes
  It doesn't seem like such a big deal - putting kids to bed in a big T-shirt or other oversized outfit.
There is NO End to this STUFF!
  It is an indictment of the media's practice of exaggerating statistics to scare people into believing there is a crisis when in fact there isn't one. I gave them this assignment because often the result of such a media scare is an outcry for the public schools to address yet another crisis.
New School Bus Legislation and Its Effects on Motorists
  I wanted to bring to your attention new state legislation that was designed to increase the safety of school bus riders. While well intertioned, the new law also has the potential to make our roadways more dangerous for motorists and students alike.
Surfing The Net Requires A Parent's Guidance
  One of the biggest worries these days for the parent's is, "How can I be sure my child is safe?" Here are some guidelines.
Beat the Heat

Now that summer has arrived, here are a few helpful ways for you to help your children beat the heat.

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