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Child Behavior Advice
Good Manners: Teaching Children Proper Etiquette
  Bad manners and etiquette are the bane of existence for many parents, but it is usually not until they are displayed outside the home that parents will take the problem seriously enough to work on it.
Low Approval Rating For U.S.Parents
  Perhaps it's natural for adults to be critical of the younger generation, but a new poll renders a harsh judgment of today's children and their parents.
Tempering Tantrums
  One of the most unsettling experiences in raising children is a temper tantrum--an explosion of frustration, anger, or rage from a child.
The Challenging Child - Part 1
  In The Challenging Child, he decribes each personality types of difficult or "challenging" children: 1. The highy sensitive child; 2. The self-absorbed child; 3. the defiant child; 4. The inattentive child; and 5. The active agressive child. Parents are then able to identify which personality type best fits their child.
'Attachment Discipline' Communicates Love
  Attachment parenting and specifically, attachment discipline, help a child feel significant, worthwhile and loved. Developed by pediatrician and author Dr. William Sears, attachment discipline is explored in this article by Shirley King.
Power Struggles
  Most parents are familiar with the term power struggle. It definitely is a struggle for power between the parent and the child. Both are feeling frustrated, powerless, and are fighting to get a sense of personal power and control in their lives.
The Bedtime Blues
  Avoid the "Bedtime Blues" with these seven suggestions. As your personal parent guide here at the Mining Company, I hope you find this feature assists you in being a more effective parent."
Playground Survival Tips

Here are a few words of wisdom you can share with your child about ways to resolve conflict with other kids. At first, they might need your help in learning how to apply these standard methods of communication. But in time, these tools will help them be effective communicators which easily is the most valuable skill they can ever acquire.

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