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About Your Family's Safety and Security

There's no shortage of parenting tips and advice out there. I think that one of the most important topics is how to be an effective parent with a focus on family and everyone's safety. I know that every topic dealing with family and parenting is important and of course this is my own bias as the author of this particular article and here it is- child safety is job one, whether your child is 3 or 16.

Though it may be unpleasant to consider, we live in a world where every single day part of your parenting activities must include dealing with these types of issues. A common parenting tip is to teach your child to be both physically and mentally prepared to avoid dangerous situations. For some parents this means enrolling their child in a self defense class, while for others it means proving their child with some type of personal safety product.

Teaching and using safety precautions is particularly important if you have a teenager in the family. As they step through the stages of growing up you're inevitably faced with the question of how much freedom they should have. The more freedom they have, the more you need to think about equipping them to protect themselves.

So consider giving your teenager a simple present that could really come in handy- like a personal security product such as defense spray. Many people think this is something only an adult would carry, but remember that as your teenager moves toward adulthood they may be in a position where such a product would be good to have around.

For example, your daughter is heading off to college and you're concerned about her safety on campus. Here's some information to keep in mind:

  • Nationally, 15.5% of all college women are sexually victimized in some manner each year.
  • Nationally, 13.1% of all college women are stalked during the academic year, with the stalking lasting an average of 60 days.
  • On a campus with 6000 students an average of one rape per day will occur during the academic year.

The defense spray or a personal security alarm is well worth the money. Take the time to role play with her, too, practicing situations where these items could be put to use. Since women are generally smaller and have less physical strength than men something with the element of surprise is often a good idea. Consider a cell phone stun gun that's easily accessible- it can come in very handy if a dating situation looks like it may be getting out of hand.

So what if your children are still young and don't go places on their own? Do you still need to be concerned? You probably won't find a parenting tip suggesting you provide a young child with a can of something like mace, but you should consider getting yourself some extra protection so you can defend the safety of your family wherever you go. You don't have to live in a major city for an assault to occur, so no matter where you live think about family safety when you're out and about with your children.

What can you do to ensure family safety? Keep the doors and windows locked when you're driving, and never allow a stranger to approach your vehicle. You're particularly vulnerable when getting in and out of your vehicle, especially if you're busy buckling children into safety seats and getting everyone settled. Consider carrying some sort of protective device with you, such as an expandable baton. They can be much easier to carry and concealable than stun batons, so that you can deter an attacker quickly and keep your distance at the same time.

Of course, the best parenting tip you'll ever receive is to use your best judgment and common sense when ensuring the safety of your family. Educate yourself, be aware and be prepared, and your family will stay safe and sound under your protection and guidance.

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