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Introducing Solid Foods

If your six month old infant is still turning her nose up at solid food, don't panic. When babies have good head and trunk control, can sit with minimal support and can pick up objects to put in their mouths, they are showing signs they are ready to begin eating solids.

A good way to test your child's readiness is by giving them a baby teething biscuit at first, later moving on to the pureed food with a spoon.

Sometimes, a child has an inate ability to reject the foods they are allergic to, and will refuse to eat them until they can be tolerated. Some children are extremely sensitive to textures or tastes and will need a slow and gentle introduction to foods. Some stubborn babies may refuse to be spoon-fed, but the secret is to allow them to scoop up finger foods and feed themselves.

Virtually all babies will eventually eat solid foods, unless there is a medical condition that prevents this natural progression. It is important to keep in mind that some just might take longer than others.
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