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Many Playgrounds Still Unsafe For Kids

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group and the Consumer Federation of America recently expressed serious concerns over the safety of U.S. playgrounds in their report Playing It Safe.

Researchers for the two organizations found that 80% of the public school, municipal and federal playgrounds in at least 28 states had surfaces that were too hard (concrete, asphalt or packed dirt). Nearly half of those playgrounds had climbing equipment that was too high (more than 6 feet tall).

Other dangers found include equipment with openings that can entrap children, and swings that are too close together. Almost a third of the slides and climbing equipment have an inadequate fall zone, often because there are obstacles underneath where a child might fall.

Government figures show that every year nearly two hundred thousand children require hospital emergency room treatment because of playground accidents. 75% of those injuries were caused by falls. 
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