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Brushing Up For School

Yes it's time to start thinking about the daily grind of sack lunches and homework, with the new semester right around the corner. Studies have recently shown that kids lose nearly a month worth of academic knowledge over these lazy, hazy days of summer.
Here's a few ideas to help them brush up their academic skills, and get in gear for fall:

Go to the library or a museum. - A trip to your local library or museum can offer hours of learning and a wealth of information, not to mention a place to practice the art of being quiet for extended periods of time.

Take a hike. - A local trail can be a great place to brush up on their botany and outdoor skills while preparing for that rigorous first week of Phys Ed. Plus it is a great opportunity to bond with them before they head back to school.

Read along with books on tape. - Turn off the television, and pop in a book! A story of interest to the child will be even easier to follow with the help of a tape to read along with. Besides being a valuable way to brush up the reading skills, it can really bring a book to life.

Play board games. - Board games are great for making you count and use basic to intermediate math and reading skills. Plus it provides a terrific chance for the family to get together for some major quality time.

Shop Till You Drop. - Shopping for the new fall wardrobe not only builds self esteem, it provides great exercise (walking), and an excuse to practice math skills as they try to guess what the total with tax will be.

sssssssParents are smart to take advantage of these last days of summer. The kids that become too attached to television or video games all summer might be overwhelmed that first day back, feeling like they've been thrown into the deep end of a pool they can't swim in.

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