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Thousands of Bike Helmets Recalled

Heavy into the summer biking season, two companies are voluntarily recalling about nearly 80,000 bicycle helmets after government regulators discovered the helmets failed safety tests and would not adequately protect children or adults from serious or fatal head injuries.
Rand International of Farmingdale, N.Y., is recalling about 70,000 of their L.A. Cruisin' helmets. The youth and adult-sized helmets are white or black and the child sizes are either blue or pink, and sold for about $8. The helmets were available for purchase throughout the U.S. at Kmart and Rose's stores from April 1999 through March 2000.

Cycle Express Inc. of New York is also recalling 9000 bike helmets. The girls' helmets are mostly pink mixed with silver glitter, and the pink part is bordered by purple tape. Decals on the helmets read Hearts & Flowers. The helmets are size small, for ages 2 through 5 years.

The packaging on the box reads, Hearts and Flowers Helmet Combo Value Pack and Item 10235. The helmets were accompanied by a bike bag-purse combo and hair accessories. Toys R Us stores sold the helmets with accessories for around $13, throughout the U.S. from October 1999 through April 2000.

Commission officials said those who own said helmets should stop using them immediately. The Rand helmets can be returned to the company for a free replacement. The Cypress helmets should be returned to the store for a refund.

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